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In Close Proximity

The group exhibition, In Close Proximity, takes a look at how oppressed cultures constitute their identities and attitudes in society. Each thread of identity weaves itself into other complex cultures, who relate to one another through the practice of religion, language, customs, politics and technology, affecting their environments.

In Close Proximity cascades a luminous query of the anticipated, imagined, “notion as nation”, as Political Scientist Benedict Anderson observed, that communities were ‘socially constructed by the people “. Argument-ably, our communities are affected and shaped by local conflicts, which may or may not allow the community to progress. Despite each region’s dilemma of conflict, the exhibition attempts to connect diverse cultures, by inviting artists questioning these conflicts, and geographies, resulting to re-examine history. Hence by mirroring the environments, and cultivating rich storytelling, In Close Proximity transforms the local identity and geograph…

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